1. Teleprompter Software

  2. Cross Platform

  3. Supports 1-3 displays

  4. Inverted/Mirrored text

  5. Supports plain text, CAN Script files in either a single directory or folder structure. International Media Consultants Broadcast News Journalism

CAN Prompter (Formerly VidiPrompter)

  1. Macintosh OSX 10.1+

  2. Windows client or server running XP/2000/Vista/7


  1. CAN Prompter is a teleprompting application for MacOSX and Windows. It allows you "prompt" regular text files or script files created with CAN Script on up to three screens. It allows you to manage a list of separate files that will be displayed in order. You can speed up, pause or slow down the prompting rate. You can change the running order while prompting or loop the list for practice.

  2. CAN Prompter is really designed for computers with two or more monitors, though it will run on a single screen. Each output can be configured as b/w or w/b and/or mirrored output. In a television studio the second monitor is usually attached to an NTSC/PAL video output and sent to the cameras so the talent can read the copy, but you could also just take the standard VGA/DVI out of your graphics card and distribute that. See the Setup Guide for more details

  1. CAN Prompter is shareware, and will work without being licensed. We would encourage you to support our efforts by buying a license if you are using it for more than your kids puppet show.

  2. The license fee is $60, with educational discounts and site licenses available.

  3. Buy a license online.

Current Version 2.1.25 June 2009

 MAC OSXhttp://www.intelligentmc.com/software/CANPrompter.ziphttp://www.intelligentmc.com/software/CANPrompter.zipshapeimage_6_link_0